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NAACP should look inside it’s own organization and not at the Tea Party…

The NAACP came out and said the the Tea Party has racist implications or something to that extent. Let’s look at the wonderful video found by Andrew Breitbart about Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development on a speech at an NAACP event and she talks about not helping a white farmer. The article and the video can be seen here:

Shirley Sherrod also talks about how everyone should get government jobs because, you do not hear of anyone in the government losing their job? Nice , huh?

Just a quick update – because of the above article getting attention the NAACP has accepted the resignation of Shirley Sherrod. I wonder if she would have quit if the video had never been put out there for you to see. Something to think about and that you can make a difference if you want to. Here is the second article about Shirley Sherrod resignation:


Update #2: I have seen quite a few people actually apologizing to Shirley Sherrod for getting her fired and such. The wonderful people at the NAACP come out, on their website, with Shirley Sherrod’s whole speech and ask you to judge for yourself. Well, I watched the whole speech and it is EVEN clearer than the two clips above that this woman is a racist. Listen towards the end of the speech where she talks about the Bush administration and Power. Again Look at today’s politicians and what she is saying is EVEN worse today! Here is the clip if you want to judge for yourself or if you have over 43 minutes to waste:

*UPDATE – I am sick and tired of people apologizing to this woman. Listen to the video and she is a race baiter, just like her HUSBAND:

How’s that her husband and her are both race baiting – who talks like this? People that hate – WORST!

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