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Keith Overbite gets Axed – isn’t it about time? Madcow next?

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Make a statement on Nov. 2nd , 2010!

This is it everyone, We have dealt with two years of absolute crap from this administration and it is now time on Tuesday to get up off the coach and grab everyone you can to get to the polls. It is obvious from watching almost any TV/cable news that the Democrats cannot stand on their record and are just coming out with the most ridiculous and insulting campaign against any republican I have ever seen. Even our President Obama calls us the “Enemy” to Hispanic voters? What kind of President does this? A desperate one! It is time to make sure your vote counts especially if you are in a blue state. Make your voices heard and do hesitate to debate any issue, because if you have been following my website, we have the facts. They have spin and rhetoric. I have people questioning my methods all the time and I just politely debate with them. Afterword, I am always on the winning end, because I do not believe the liberal media. I have always believed in self-education and always, always find out your own information about any issue. This will help you in any debate and will also make you realize exactly what is going on in this great country. Just remember what the great Reagan once said, “The President can’t spend a dime, it is congress that spends all the money.” That is why on Nov. 2nd, 2010 your vote is actually more important than voting for the President. If congress can be controlled with true conservatives, this country will once again be the envy for the rest of the world! Take care and get out and VOTE! If you need more inspiration watch the video connected to this post – Are you better off now than you were two years ago? Thanks.

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Bush created the jobs, but guess who is taking the credit?

I hardly ever go to MSLSD, but a good friend sent me the following article and it just shows you that the people we have in the white house are liars! Please click the following link:

Nice, huh? Take care.

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Paul Begala is a real idiot and this letter proves it!

Mr. Begala is sending out the below letter (Click the link to read the letter) to all Democratic voters, contributors and idiots. Yes, complete and utter BS is in this letter. If you have the stomach to make it through the whole  letter and not puke, then you have a stomach made of iron. It seems that Mr. Begala doesn’t realize that Obama has had a majority in both houses, but still blames the Republicans for all the countries problems. This is why EVERYONE should vote Republican, just to stop this madness. Democrat BS

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Reagan makes a great qoute about liberals, watch the video:

The quote by one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever had:

“The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, it is that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Here is the link to the video:

Man, I miss having a real leader for our country, don’t you? Take care.

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Allen West is running for Congress!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it’s true Col. Allen West is running for Congress and if you do not know who this is you haven’t been on my website at all. He was one of the first articles I put on this website! He is everything which is good for the government right now. Please visit his website and you will be proud to support Mr. West. He is very articulate and would run circles around Obama and any of Obama’s supporters! Here is the website:

Watch this video and you will be inspired:

Look for more great candidates such as Col. Allen West! He is running for Florida’s 22nd district, hopefully he and Marco Rubio win and turn Florida around! Take care.

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This is why we need to vote for the right kind of judges!!!!!!!

The Arizona law was right and the Judge put in her own beliefs on what the law will do and that is why she ruled against part of it. I cannot say it more clear than Mark Levin, here is the link:

Well said and Enough said. This is why Kagan should NOT be on the supreme court. Read Men in Black by Mark Levin – He talks about the whole Judicial system being corrupt – Great book.

Good reading. Take care.

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Paul Ryan is the kind of leader we need…

Rep. Paul Ryan – Wisconsin (R) – speaks extremely well and make Chris Matthews look like the idiot he is. Please take about seven minutes and watch the video on the link below:

This is the kind of representative we need in congress, so support him! Notice how the Demo-dummy (REP. JOSEPH CROWLEY (D-NY) brings up Bush again, because he has no argument to Ryan. Notice how Ryan cannot get the smile off his face because he knows he is right! BEST!

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NAACP should look inside it’s own organization and not at the Tea Party…

The NAACP came out and said the the Tea Party has racist implications or something to that extent. Let’s look at the wonderful video found by Andrew Breitbart about Shirley Sherrod, USDA Georgia Director of Rural Development on a speech at an NAACP event and she talks about not helping a white farmer. The article and the video can be seen here:

Shirley Sherrod also talks about how everyone should get government jobs because, you do not hear of anyone in the government losing their job? Nice , huh?

Just a quick update – because of the above article getting attention the NAACP has accepted the resignation of Shirley Sherrod. I wonder if she would have quit if the video had never been put out there for you to see. Something to think about and that you can make a difference if you want to. Here is the second article about Shirley Sherrod resignation:


Update #2: I have seen quite a few people actually apologizing to Shirley Sherrod for getting her fired and such. The wonderful people at the NAACP come out, on their website, with Shirley Sherrod’s whole speech and ask you to judge for yourself. Well, I watched the whole speech and it is EVEN clearer than the two clips above that this woman is a racist. Listen towards the end of the speech where she talks about the Bush administration and Power. Again Look at today’s politicians and what she is saying is EVEN worse today! Here is the clip if you want to judge for yourself or if you have over 43 minutes to waste:

*UPDATE – I am sick and tired of people apologizing to this woman. Listen to the video and she is a race baiter, just like her HUSBAND:

How’s that her husband and her are both race baiting – who talks like this? People that hate – WORST!

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Megan Kelly and the facts…

If you have a spare ten minutes, you should watch the following video with Megan Kelly asking questions to a liberal and never getting an answer besides blaming Bush. She is great, just watch:

Good for Megan, I wish she would interview more liberals. Then people could see how dumb they really are. BEST!

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